Alimony Tax Deduction Elimination_112017
Arbitration in Divorce and Family Law_032024
Children Separated from Parents Due to Deportation_32017
Community and Pro Bono Service_112021
Dobbs Decision_102022
Equal Treatment of All Qualified Persons Regardless_112017
Equally Shared Physical Custody_112022
Extended Medical Insurance Coverage_31986
Forced Marriage_32021
Human Trafficking_32021
Insurance Discrimination_31996
Military Retirement Benefit Alterations_62016
Nonlawyer Ownership of Law Firms_112020
Pension Legislation Excluding Disability Pay_112015
Resolution in Opposition to Amendment of State UCCJEA
Respect of Marriage Act_32012
Uniform Deployed Parents Custody Act_112014
Use of Alimony Guidelines Package_32007
Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence_82020

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