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President's Message

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To be a Fellow of the AAML means being elevated to the highest level of distinction and providing the highest quality of family law services you can find. Lawyers who have earned the right to be called a Fellow of AAML have the demonstrated expertise and professionalism. Our lawyersare the very best positioned attorneys to help you achieve your needs. Search now for an AAML Family Lawyer in your area.


AAML is a welcoming group of accomplished peers, approachable role models, and eager allies ready and willing to help you advance your family law career. Joining the AAML opens many opportunities, including delivering professional references, providing recognition, prestige, building friendships, relationships, resources, and meaningful exposure.

Whether your goal is to increase your knowledge through excellent CLE seminars, give back to the profession by sharing your expertise, or become a part of a specialized community, the AAML is the place for you. Through local chapters and national meetings, the AAML will expand your horizons. Apply now to see what it takes to be an AAML Fellow.

Professional Development

AAML offers top-notch CLE experiences that both meet the expanding needs of Family Lawyers and are accepted for MCLE credits by State Bar organizations across the US. The professional development opportunities include face-to-face and virtual meetings, seminars, webinars as well as local Chapter training that includes both virtual and in-person CLE options. AAML remains committed to providing Fellows with the very best resources needed to keep your professional skills and knowledge up-to-date and relevant in an ever-changing world.

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