Shirley Keisler

Family Law & Mediation Center, PLC



George Mason University,, JD

Admitted to Practice

V, 1991, DC, 1996

Legal Organizations

  • I’ve been in sub-committee leadership positions in the Fairfax Bar association Circuit Court and the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Committees. I’ve been a Circuit Court Motion’s Day Conciliator for the past 15 years. I’m available to help attorneys and their clients with resolving discovery and other motions that have been set on the court’s docket for hearing, often because the judge has referred the parties to me before the judge will hear the case. I’ve also been appointed by the court as a neutral case evaluator to attempt to give counsel and their clients assistance in attempting to craft a reasonable and equitable distribution of their property in their divorce case, thus avoiding having to go through a trial – and allowing the judge to remove a pending matter from the docket.

CLE Presentations

  • Presented CLEs on Family Law and Bankruptcy and also on International Child Custody Jurisdiction including The Hague Convention on International Abduction of Children.

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