Leonard Karp

Karp & Weiss


Admitted to Practice


AAML Position(s) Held

  • Chapter President 2013-2014 and 2021-2022Chapter Treasurer 2016-2021

Legal Organizations

  • – Diplomate of the American College of Family Trial Lawyers (1994-present)- International Academy of Family Lawyers (member 2007-present)- American Bar Association – Family Law & Litigation Sections – Co-chair of Marital Torts & Domestic Violence Committee- Pima County Domestic Relations Bar/Bench Committee- Consultant to the Family Law Reporter- Editorial Board of Divorce Litigation (member 1989-2005)

CLE Presentations

  • “Timing is Everything” for State Bar of Arizona, 2022 Family Law Institute featuring For Better or For Worse.
  • “Importance of Determining the Community Versus Separate Interest of Unvested Stock Options in a Divorce Case” and “529 Educational Accounts for Children Funded With Community Funds are Community Assets Which Need to be Equitably Divided in Divorce Proceedings” for State Bar of Arizona, 2021 Family Law Institute featuring For Better or For Worse.
  • Co-authored “Importance of Date of Valuation in a Divorce Case” for State Bar of Arizona, 2020 Family Law Institute featuring For Better or For Worse.
  • “The Epidemic of Gray Divorces” for the July 2016 CLE by the SEA Arizona State Bar Seminar.
  • January 2016 Family Law Institute, For Better or Worse Seminar cosponsored by the Arizona Chapter of the AAML and the State Bar of Arizona entitled -Estate Planning & Other Family Arrangements in Light of Austin.”
  • Arizona Chapter of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Arizona Divorce Conference 2015, entitled “Ten Commandments for Trial Cross Examination.”
  • November 2013 Advanced Family Law Seminar entitled -When Commingling May Not Transmute Sole and Separate Property.”
  • 2011 CLE by the Sea Arizona State Bar Seminar entitled -Resolving Spousal Maintenance.”
  • 1995 presentation to AAAML National CLE program on “The MMPI and its use in Family Law litigation.”
  • 1991 presentation to American Trial Lawyers Association National Conference concerning “Domestic Torts.”
  • 1989 presentation to the American Bar Association National Meeting regarding “Domestic Torts.”
  • American Bar Association – Family Law & Litigation Sections – Co-Chair of the Marital Torts & Domestic Violence Committee and oversaw multiple CLE presentations in the 1990’s

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