Angela Arkin

Judicial Arbiter Group, Inc.



Emory Law School/1983/Juris Doctor

Admitted to Practice

Georgia 1983

AAML Position(s) Held

  • Treasurer, Secretary, President Elect, President. 2016 – 2024. Co-Chair, Judges’ Dinner Committee and Judicial Education Committee.

CLE Presentations

  • Colorado Bar Association’s CLE of Colorado, Inc.• -Colorado Bar Association Family Law Institute,” (Conference Planning Committee 2001, 2003, 2022): Creating Your Dream Team: Actively Using the Attorneys, Neutrals and Mental Health Professionals in a Dynamic Process to Move Your Family Forward (Panel), August 2023. It’s Complicated: No One Size Fits All (Panel), August 2022. Wellness or Weaponry: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Regarding the Age of Consent for Mental Health Treatment and its Implications for Parents, Mental Health Professionals, and the Court (Panel), How to Get the Best Out of Your Judicial Officer (Panel), August 2021. Practical & Ethical Considerations Regarding Parental Responsibilities Evaluations? (Co-Presenter), It’s Just Lunch! -The Importance of Relationship Building Among the Family Law Bar (Panel), August 2020. Family Case Study Workshops (Panel), July 2003. The Team Approach (Panel), September 2001. -Practicing With Professionalism”: Professionalism to the Judiciary, September 2001. The Pilot Project Update (Panel), September, 2000. • -Colorado Bar Association Bench and Bar Family Law Institute ,” (Conference Planning Committee 2003, 2004, 2010): 2019 Pre-Conference Trial Practicum (Co-Presenter), Interstate Jurisdiction: The Mechanics (Presenter), Enforcing Orders from the Perspective of the Enforcer (Panel), Maintenance in Practice: Through the Eyes of Decision Makers and Decision Helpers (Moderator), August 2019. 2018 Pre-Conference Trial Practicum (Co-Presenter), You Say Colorado, I Say Kentucky … Unraveling UIFSA, the UCCJEA & the UPA (Co-Presenter), Maintenance: The Good, the Bad and the Taxes, A Judicial Panel Presentation (Panel), August 2018. 2017 Pre-Conference Trial Practicum (Co-Presenter), August 2017. When Things are Not as They Seem: Forensic Accounting – Alice’s Evidence: Who Stole the Tarts? (Panel), Wake Up with the Judges Panel (Moderator), August 2016. UCCJEA and Jurisdictional Issues, August 2015. Judges’ Panel – Excelling in the Courtroom: Preparation, Presentation & Professionalism (Do This, Not That!), August 2014. Therapeutic Reunification (Panel), August, 2013. How to Use a CFI/PRE as a Witness (Panel), August, 2013. How Not To Lose Your Parental Responsibility Case (Panel), August 2012. Presenting a New System of Divorce, the Remix (Panel), August 2011. Judges’ Panel (Panel), August 2011, 2012. What is Endangerment? Legal Standards and Mental Health Perspectives (Panel), August 2009. Adventures in Child Support: Oddities, Rarities and Headscratchers (Co-Presenter), August 2007. Judges and Magistrates’ Forum: Ethical Considerations in the Courtroom (Moderator/Panel), August 2006. Valuation and the Joint Expert: Perils and Pitfalls (Panel), August 2005. Post-Decree Roles of the Special Advocate: The Slippery Slope (Panel), Family Case Study Judicial Workshop (Moderator/Panel), August 2004.• -8th Annual Elder Law Institute,” Unbundled Legal Services (Ethics) (Co-Presenter), August 2016. • -Trial Tips From the Bench,” Co-Presenter, June 2015. • -Ethics and Professionalism in the Practice of Law,” Judges and Arbiters Address Professionalism (Co-Presenter), October 2020, Professionalism and Ethics (Co-Presenter), October 2014. Managing Your Practice / Professionalism in Your Practice Area, October 1999, November 1999.• -CBA/FLS/YLS Legal Speed Dating Your Judges, Mediators and Other Experts…” A View from the Bench (Panel), June 2013, 2014. • -Colorado Bar Association/Family Law Section Evidence Practicum”: Expert Testimony (Co-Presenter), May 2011, March 2013, May 2014, May 2015, How to Impeach a Witness and Refresh Recollection, May 2018. • -Annual Spring Family Law Update” (Conference Planning Committee 1999, 2000): Strategic Decisions About the Use of Evaluative Experts in DR Cases (Co-Presenter), April 2023. Preteens, Privilege, and the Pitfalls of C.R.S. 12-245-203.5 et seq. (Panel), March 2021. A Court’s Decisions to Allow or Deny a CFI or PRE Report When Requested (Panel) April 2018. Unbundled Legal Services Implementation, Ethics and Professional Liability Concerns (Co-Presenter), Judges’ Potpourri Panel: Ask the Judges (Panel), April 2016. Judicial Approach to Domestic Cases – A Panel Presentation, Practice Tips (Panel), May 2011, Judicial Perspective (Panel), April 2008. Working with Child and Family Investigators (Panel), April 2006. The New Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA): What it’s All About and How it Impacts your Practice, May 2000. The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, and the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, April 1999. Child Support Hot Topics, October 1997.• -Best and Worst Trial Tactics: The Judges Tell All” (Co-Sponsored by the Colorado Judicial Institute): Pre-Trial Contact with Court and Staff (Panel), February 2008. • -How to Handle and Try a Domestic Relations Case”: Judicial Panel – Do’s and Don’ts in Domestic trials (Panel), June 2007. • -Colorado Bar Association/ Colorado State Judicial/ Arapahoe Bar Association: Colorado Divorce, Best Interest of Children”: When is 50:50 Parenting Time in the Best Interest of Children? (Panel), Fast Justice: Including Ethical Issues (Moderator/Panel), November 2006. • -Family Law Advanced Practice”: View from the Bench: Presenting Your Case to the Court (Panel), April 2005. • -Family Law Basic Skills,” A View from the Bench (Panel), February 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. Jurisdiction, February 1999. • -Family Law Advocacy”: Best and Worst Case Strategies as seen from the Bench (Panel), November 2001. • -Colorado Bar Association Convention”: Family Case Law Update, September 2001. • -Annual Fall Family Law Update” (Conference Planning Committee 1998, 2000): Jurisdiction Potpourri (Panel), November 2000. Special Advocates, Guardians Ad Litem, Parenting Coordinators, Special Masters, Arbitrators and Mediators (Panel), October 1998. • -The 22nd Annual Child Custody Conference”: Practical Implications: The Development of Parenting Plans (Panel), September 1998. • -Opening a Law Office”: Tips from the Experts (Panel), January 1998. • -Annual Colorado ADR Conference”: Ethics Panel (Panel), October 2023. Mediation Best Practices for Judges (Panel), November 2016. Colorado Judicial Conferences (SCAO)
  • Domestic Relations Conferences and Trainings:• -Domestic Relations and Probate Institute,” (2019 – 2023):o Ethical Issues in Dealing with Self-Represented Litigants (Co-Presenter), Nuts and Bolts of Interstate/ICWA Jurisdiction, APR Orders: What’s Possible, What’s Impossible, and What’s Just a Bad Idea (Co-Presenter), DR and Parentage: What the Judicial Officer Needs to Know (Co-Presenter), Guidelines and Findings and Orders, Oh My! (It’s a Bear) (Co-Presenter), June 2023.o Problem Solving with Self-Represented Litigants (Co-Presenter), Avoiding the Pits: Common Jurisdiction Mistakes, The True Impact of Trauma, Conflict and DV on Children – Is Relying on Resilience Enough? (Co-Presenter), Updates from the PALS Committee and Office of Dispute Resolution (Co-Presenter), June 2022. o Your APR Has Been Restricted: What Does Recovery Look Like? (Co-Presenter), Everything You Wanted to Know About Jurisdiction But Were Afraid to Ask, Professionals Potpourri: Court Ordered Mental Health Options (Co-Presenter), It’s Not Just About Demeanor: Tips for Surviving DR and Getting Great Performance Reviews (Co-Presenter), June 2021. o When are the Guidelines Just Guidelines: Child Support and the Use/Abuse of Discretion (Co-Presenter), The 800 Pound Gorilla and Enforcement of Parenting Time: The Tools, the Opportunities, and Just Letting Go (Co-Presenter), Interstate Jurisdiction: Basic and Advanced (Co-Presenter), June 2019. • DR Best Practice Court Institute for Judges, Magistrates, Facilitators and Sherlocks” (2015 – 2018):o Personal and Subject Matter Jurisdiction Basics for Sherlocks, Lightening Your Load: How Other Professionals Can Assist with Your Docket (Co-Presenter), When DR Crosses over to D&N, Paternity, Probate or Criminal (Round Tables), How Judicial Officers Can Help Families and How They Can’t (Co-Presenter), Managing the Mess: Best Practices for Managing Interstate, ICWA & International Jurisdictional Conflicts (Co-Presenter), June 2018. o Changing the Conversation About Parental Conflict in Divorce (Co-Presenter), Best Practices for Managing Civil and Criminal Protection Orders (Co-Presenter), What All Judicial Officers Need to Know About Child Support (Co-Presenter), Complex Issues in Child Support, (Co-Presenter), June 2017. o (2016 Conference Planning Committee), APR to Non-Parents and Paternity (Co-Presenter), Jurisdiction and the Interstate Child (for Sherlocks), Jurisdiction and the Interstate Child (for Judges), Initial Status Conference as Triage (Co-presenter), June 2016. o (2015 Conference Planning Committee), Basic Interstate Jurisdiction, Advanced Jurisdiction (Co-presenter), June 2015. • -Concourse of Sherlocks and Facilitators,” Guardianship/ Conservatorship and APR: A Comparison, Subject Matter and Personal Jurisdiction and Service Basics in Civil Cases, DR Emergencies Involving Children: Child Abduction Prevention, Restriction of Parenting Time and Protection Orders, March 2018. • -Domestic Relations Institutes:” o (2014 Conference Planning Committee Co-Chair), When is a DR not just a DR (When does the case -cross-over” and how do you manage it?) (Panel), Managing Complex proceedings (Co-presenter), June 2014. o (2013 Conference Planning Committee Chair), UCCJEA/UIFSA Pre and Post-decree (with a little ICWA, Abduction Prevention, Domestication and Hague Convention), Financial Potpourri with CPA and Legal Expert (Moderator), June 2013.o (2012 Conference Planning Committee Chair), Managing the Domestic Case from Filing to Disposition, Jurisdictional Conflicts and UCCJEA, Maintenance (Co-Presenter), Money Issues Overview (Co-Presenter), Post Decree Issues (Panel), June 2012. • -Domestic Relations 101: Presented by AAML and SCAO,” (Conference Planning Committee Chair, 2007, 2008, Co-Chair 2011), Separating the Wheat from the Chaff in CFI/PRE Reports (Panel), September 2011. Judicial Roundtable: Dealing with Parties and Children in Crisis (Panel), September 2011. Jurisdiction in 30 Minutes, September 2007. • -Procedural Domestic Relations Training for Judicial Officers” (Conference Planner), The Role of the Domestic Judge (Panel), Setting and Managing Trials Pre/Post Decree (Panel), Ruling from the Bench (Panel), Jurisdiction and the UCAPA, August 2006. • -Family Judges Conference,” (2005 Conference Planning Committee), Financial Potpourri (Panel Moderator), Hot Topics in Parenting Time (Panel/Moderator), Luncheon Forum on Navigating the Maze (Facilitator) May 2005. Domestic Relations (Panel), January 2002. • -SCAO Webinars,” Interstate Jurisdiction in Domestic Relations Cases, February 2019, March 2019.
  • General Judicial Conferences:• -Annual Judicial Conference,” (Conference Planning Committee 2013, 2014, 2015), Income Issues in the DR World (Co-Presenter), September 2022. COVID 19 & DR (Moderator), September 2021, Show Me the Money: 2017 Tax Legislation (Moderator), How to Make Timely, Concise Oral, or Written Rulings in DR Cases that Will Stand Up on Appeal (Co-Presenter), September 2019. Domestic Relations Roundtable: Interstate Cases (Co-presenter) September 2018, September 2017. Mediation Best Practices for Judges (Panel), Domestic Relations Roundtable: Best Practices for Managing Interstate Cases (Co-presenter), September 2016. Domestic Cases: The Essential Laws, Rules and Cases and Best Practices on How to Apply Them (Panel), September 2015. Roundtable Discussions: What We Can Learn From Each Other (Panel), September 2013. Successfully Handling DR Matters with Pro Se Litigants (Panel), September 2011. Complicated Issues in Property Division, September 2011. Child Relocation Reconsidered: Applying Old Factors in a New Framework (Co-Presenter), September 2005. Domestic Relations Case Law Update, September 2003, 2007, 2008. Long Distance Parenting and Removal (Panel), September 2002. • -District Court Judges Association and the County Court Judges Association in Conjunction with the Colorado Diversity Bar Associations discussing Diversity and Justice in Our Courts,” Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: The View from the Bench (Co-Presenter), April 2021.• -New Judge Orientation,” Jurisdiction in Family Law Cases, August 2004. Family Law Cases, August 2001, August 2002. • -Advanced New Judge Orientation,” Jurisdiction in Family Law Cases, March 2001, February 2002.
  • Other Colorado Conferences and Seminars
  • ? Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association (RMPA) Monthly Luncheons: Preparing Your Client for Mediation (Co-Presenter), June 2023. Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals (LLPs) and Rule 207: An Update, April 2023, September 2023, October 2023.? Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program: Shifting Into Neutral: Dispute Resolution For Beginners (Panel), November 2020.? Center for Legal Inclusiveness: Women’s Roundtable Discussion: How Far have We Really Come in the Legal Field? (Panel), March 2021.? American Bankruptcy Institute: -20th Annual Rocky Mountain Bankruptcy Conference,” Consumer Workshop II: Divorce and Bankruptcy (Panel), January 2015.? Colorado Judicial Institute’s -Straight Talk with Judges”: Effective Use of Financial Analysis Including Business Valuations in Civil and Family Law Cases (Panel), April 2015. Common Evidentiary Pitfalls In Family Law Trial Practice (Panel), May 2014.? Colorado Women’s Bar Association 40th Annual Convention: There’s No Place Like The CWBA: Judicial Roundtables: Unbundled Legal Services, May 2017.? Colorado Women’s Bar Association: Storming the Commissions (Break-out Sessions), February, 2021.? 18th Judicial District: • -Summer Intern/Fellow/Law Clerk Presentations,” The Role of the Domestic Judge, June 2011, June 2012, June 2013, June 2014, June 2015. • -Fall CLE: Judging in Challenging Times,” (Conference Planning Committee Chair and Domestic Relations Track Chair 2009, 2010), Family Law Update, Domestic Judging 101: What I Wish I Knew Before I Started, and What I Know Now (Co-Presenter), Creating Remedies for the Tough APR Cases (Panel), If There Is Any Money Left, Where Should It Go? (Panel), Domestic Relations Case Law Update, Relocation –Spahmer/ Ciesluk Basics, Advanced Maintenance/Division of Assets/Attorney Fees, September 2009, September 2010.? University of Denver Sturm College of Law: • Family Law Class: Family Law as Seen from the Bench (Guest Lecturer), March 2011.• Family Law & Juvenile Law Mentorship Dinner: Why Family Law?, April 2010. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Elder Law (Panel), March 2005. • -Rocky Mountain Public Interest & Social Justice Retreat,” Bridging the Gap: Every-Person Access to Professional Legal Representation (Panel), September 2014.? Colorado Bar Association: -Third Annual Justice System Symposium,” Structure and Work load of the Court System, October 2005.? Colorado Bar Association/CJI: -Our Courts,” The Divorce, October 2023. Our State Courts, August 2009, July 2012, Our Federal Courts, March 2010. ? Colorado Bar Association Family Law Section: -CLE Luncheon,” Income Issues in the DR World (Co-Presenter), October 2022. When an Arbitrator, Magistrate, and Judge Walk into a Bar (Association) (Panel), March 2019. Judicial Panel on Maintenance (Panel), March 2014. Judges’ Panel on CFI Changes, September 2011. Sanctions: Against Parties and/or Attorneys, for Discovery Violations, Rule 11 Violations, and Contempts (Panel), February 2013. Judges’ Panel on CFI Changes, September 2011. Judges’ Attorney’s Fees Panel, February 2011. Hot Topic: Removal/ Relocation Cases, November 2005. Judges’ Maintenance Panel, March 2005. The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA): An Update on How it Impacts your Practice, October 2003.? Colorado Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers: • -The Annual Advanced Family Law Conference” (Conference Planning Committee 2001, 2005, 2011, 2013, 2022, Conference Chair 2019), Therapist/Client Privilege in the COVID-19 World (Panel), December 2020. Judicial Panel: How to Help Judges Make Good Orders (That Stand Up On Appeal), and Ethics and the Difficult Judge (Moderator), December 2019. Confidentiality of Mental Health Records (Co-Presenter), December 2017. A View from the Bench: If, When and How to Seek the Court’s Assistance (Co-Presenter), December 2014. The UCCJEA/UIFSA (Co-Presenter), December 2013. The Joint Expert and the Shadow Expert (Panel), December 2011. Judge’s Potpourri (Facilitator of Luncheon Discussion), Relocation: Case Law Developments (Panel), December 2005. Judicial Panel Discussion (Panel), December 2001. • -Bench Trainings for Judges” (Judicial Training Committee, 2010 to present): Third Party Parents: The Basics (Step Parents/Psychological Parents) (Co-Presenter), Adams County, March 2023. Parenting Time, Attachment and Domestic Violence (Co-Presenter) El Paso County, July 2022. Contempt Basics & Best Practices for Judicial Officers (Co-Presenter), Denver County, March 2021. Managing UCCJEA, UIFSA, UCAPA and Domestication Cases from the Bench, Sorenson (Incapacitated Adult Party), Managing Difficult MH Challenged and/or Alcohol and Substance Using/Abusing Parents, Therapeutic/ counseling/ Mental Health Provider Privilege (Panel), Denver County, November 2020. Interstate Jurisdiction and Case Processing, 18th Judicial District, March 2020. UCCJEA/ICWA/HAGUE/ UCAPA, El Paso and Pueblo Counties, August 2019. Use and Misuse of Protection Orders in Domestic Relations Cases: Creative Alternatives, Adams County, May 2018. Managing UIFSA/UCCJEA/UCAPA and Domestication from the Bench, Arapahoe County, February 2017, Boulder County, February 2018. Sorenson Update (Co-Presenter), Arapahoe County, February 2017. Complex Child Support (Co-Presenter), Therapeutic/Counseling/Mental Health Provider Privilege (Co-Presenter), Adams County, July 2017. ? Arapahoe County Bar Association: • -Professionalism Month,” Professionalism and Our Justice System: Criminal Law, Racial Bias, and the Path to the Bench (Moderator), October 2021. Understanding and Eliminating Racial Bias (Co-Presenter), September 2021. Professionalism Matters (Judicial Panel Discussion), October 2012. • -Family Law Update,”(Conference Planner 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005), Confidentiality of Mental Health Records (Co-Presenter), December 2017, The Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act, November 2007, Judicial Panel Discussion (Panel), April 2002, November 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. • -Simplified Dissolution: A Toolkit for Practitioners” (2002 Conference Planning Committee): Judicial Panel Discussion (Panel), September 2002. ? Thompson-Marsh Inn of Court: Understanding and Eliminating Racial Bias (Co-Presenter), November 2022.? Sonia Sotomayor Inn of Court: Making Licensed Legal Paraprofessional Reality in Colorado:Lessons in Consensus Building and Compromise (Panel), November 2022.? Minoru Yasui Inn of Court: Understanding and Eliminating Racial Bias (Co-Presenter), Part 2: November 2023, Part 1: March 2023.? Lawyers Public Information Foundation: • -34th Annual Family Law Seminar, Cannes, France,” Interstate Jurisdiction in the New Era (UCCJEA/UIFSA/ICWA), Judges Questions and Answers (Panel), October 2019. • -27th Annual Family Law Seminar, Enniskerry, Ireland,” Application of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) and Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) in Colorado, How Can We Make the Process Less Confrontational (Panel), What I Like and Don’t Like in My Courtroom (Panel), October 2012. • -20th Annual Family Law Seminar, Estepona, Spain,” Effective Ways to Present Your Case (Panel), Questions and Answers (Panel), When Does Fair Market Value Become Unfair Value? (Panel), October 2005. ? Denver County Attorneys and Guardians ad Litem: The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act: Do It Right!, October 2019.? Colorado Council of Mediators and CBA Family Law Section: • -17th Annual Attorney-Mediator Dialogue,” Pitfalls in MOU’s and Arbitration Awards (Panel), April 2006. • -14th Annual Attorney-Mediator Dialogue,” Attorney Mediator vs. Non-Attorney Mediator: Distinction Without a Difference? (Panel), April 2003. ? Colorado State School Resource Officer Conference: Truancy (Panel), August 2001.? Douglas/Elbert Bar Association: Paraprofessionals and Legal Services (PALS) Update (Co-Presenter), April 2022. Early Interventions to Minimize High Conflict in Complex Parental Responsibility Cases (Co-Presenter), March 2014. Relocation (Panel), March 2008. Domestic Case Practices in Douglas and Elbert Counties (Panel), February 2005, September 2004. Special Advocates: A Conversation (Panel), January 2002.? Pitkin County Bar Association: • -Special Advocate Training,” (Conference Planning Committee): The Special Advocate Guidelines, A View from the Bench (Panel), June 2001. • -Family Law: The Parental Responsibility Act,” The Parental Responsibility Act and Other New Legislation, January 1999.? Metropolitan Denver Interdisciplinary Committee (MDIC) Conferences: • -Addiction and Family Law,” Managing Addiction Issues (Panel), March 2016. • -The Special Advocate Guidelines,” A View from the Bench (Panel), April 2001. • MDIC Luncheons: Stepping Outside the Box of Resources Beyond PREs and CFI Work: What is available? (Panel), May 2022. A View from the Bench (Panel), February 2015. Boundary Issues in Family Law Work (Co-Presenter), May 2010. Burning Questions: A View from the Bench (Panel), December 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. The Special Advocate Standards: A View from the Bench (Panel), December 2004. Removal Issues: A View from the Bench (Panel), January 2004. Special Advocates: A Conversation, January 2002. A View from the Bench (Panel), December 2000. ? Metropolitan Denver Interdisciplinary Committee (MDIC), Boulder Interdisciplinary Committee (BIDC) and Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) Conference: A View from the Bench (Co-Presenter) , March 2011. ? Boulder Interdisciplinary Committee Luncheon: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Maintaining Ethical and Professional Behavior in an Adversarial Environment (Co-Presenter), September 2016.? Boulder Bridge to Justice Seminar: Impact of Covid-19 on Family Law and Domestic Violence in Colorado (Panel), October 2020.? Boulder Bar Association Family Law Luncheon: Understanding the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA): Best Practices for Best Results (Panel), April 2017.? Colorado Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (COAFCC): • Webinars: Drug and Alcohol Testing and Parenting Agreements in Child Custody Cases (Co-Presenter), March 2021.• -Therapy with Court-Involved Families: Issues, Problems and Remedies,”: A View from the Bench: A Judicial View of Therapists Working with Court-Involved Families (Panel), November, 2011. • “Breaking the Mold: Innovative Ideas in Family Law,” Family Court Models (Panel), March 2007.? Arapahoe Community College Family Law Class for Paralegals: Paraprofessionals and Legal Services (PALS) Update, October 2022. Jurisdiction in Family Law, October 2009, October 2006.? University of Colorado Law School: -Family Law,” Jurisdiction in Family Law, April 1999.? The Rocky Mountain Public Interest & Social Justice Retreat: Bridging the Gap: Every-Person Access to Professional Legal Representation (Panel), September 2014.? Office of Dispute Resolution Statewide Mediator Meeting: Case Law and Legislative Update for Family Mediators, October 1999. ? 14th Judicial District Bar Association Lunch meeting: The Parental Responsibility Act, March 1999. ? Governor Roy Romer’s -1998 Colorado Summit on Fatherhood,” Legislative Issues Affecting Fathers, October 1998. ? Denver Bar Association Public Legal Education Committee: Do It Yourself Divorce Clinic, January 1998. ? University of Denver, Psychology Graduate School Class: -Family Law,” The Role of the Special Advocate, April 2002, April 2003. ? University of Denver, University College Class: -ADR and the Family,” The Child Support Guidelines, March 1997. ? Extreme Mediation Seminar: Everything the Mediator Needs to Know About Child Support Guidelines, September, 1996.? Office of the Child Representative Training: The UCCJEA: What a Guardian Ad Litem Needs to Know (Co-Presenter), September, 2017. Truancy (Panel), May 2002.? SCAO Child and Family Investigators’ Training: Bi-Annual 5-day Training: Day Two (Co-Presenter), November 2019, 2017, 2015. A View from the Bench (Panel), September 2013.? Colorado Family Support Council Annual Training Conference: Contempt (Co-Presentation), June 2017. UIFSA Changes for 2004, June 2004. UIFSA Update, June 2003, 2008. ? 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Child Support Enforcement Unit Training: UIFSA Update, May 2005.? Family Court Facilitator Annual Conference: Jurisdiction in Family Law Cases, June 2012, June 2014.? Reunification Therapy: Education and Consultation: How We Use the Court, November 2023.? Colorado Judicial Institute: -Straight Talk with Judges”: Effective Use of Financial Analysis Including Business Valuations in Civil and Family Law Cases (Panel), April 2015. Common Evidentiary Pitfalls In Family Law Trial Practice (Panel), May 2014.National Conferences and Seminars
  • ? Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC): • Annual Conference: Drug and Alcohol Testing and Parenting Agreements in Child Custody Cases (Co-Presenter), November 2020. • Web Presentations: Key Facts about Alcoholism and Why Alcohol Monitoring is Important (Co-Presenter), Video CLE Presentation for Soberlink Webinar Series with Dr. Sol Rappaport, PhD, ABPP, May 2020. The Intersection of Technology, Domestic Violence and Family Courts during COVID-19 (Co-Presenter), An online discussion with Judge Angie Arkin and Steven Bradley, April 2020.? National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA):• Training Conferences: Legal Ethics (Panel), August 1999, 2012. Paternity Mock Trial, (Panel) November 2002. The Contempt Power (Panel), August 1998. How to Get Into Your Genes: Genetic Testing and Trial Practice (Panel), August 1997, 1998. Administrative v. Judicial Process: A Debate (Panel), August 1997. New Issues in Access (Panel), August 1997. Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA): An Overview (Panel), August 1996. Advanced UIFSA, August 1995. The UIFSA Case (Panel), May 1995. UIFSA Review and Adjustment, May 1995. UIFSA Questions and Answers (Panel), May 1995. UIFSA II: Making the Transition (Panel), August 1994. Military Enforcement: Over Hill, Over Dale (Panel), August 1994. The Genes are a Perfect Fit: Genetic Marker Testing (Panel), August 1994, 1995, 1996. Paternity Case Law (Panel), August 1994. Paternity Issues for the 90’s: A Policy Debate, (Panel) August 1994. State of the Art DNA Testing: Legal & Technical Issues for the Judiciary, August 1993. Paternity Establishment: Innovative Techniques, September 1992. DNA Testing: Admissibility Issues, August 1990. • Teletalk Seminars/Webinars: Ethics for Child Support Attorneys (Panel), December 2000, November 2010.• Issue-Specific Training Conferences: o -The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act: The UIFSA Express,” (Regional Seminar in Savannah, Georgia): Determination of the Controlling Order, November 2000. o -Meeting the Challenges of Welfare Reform,” (Seminars in Chicago and Denver in 1997) Expanded Administrative Process (Co-Presenter). o -Paternity Establishment,” (Seminars given at ten state and regional conferences from 1991 to 1993) The Admissibility of DNA Evidence, Paternity Establishment: Legal Strategies/Judicial Perspectives (Panel).
  • Regional Conferences and Seminars
  • ? Eastern Regional Child Support Enforcement Association Conferences: Pro Se Litigants: They’re Here to Stay (Panel), May 1995. The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA): Practical Tips for Line Workers and Supervisors (Panel), June 1994. Ethical Issues in Review and Modification, (Panel) June 1994. Electronic Evidentiary Exchange (Panel), June 1993. Interstate Remedies, June 1992, 1993. DNA: The Laboratory v. The Law, June 1992.? Western Interstate Child Support Enforcement Council Conference: Ethics for Family Lawyers (Panel), October 2002. Preparing for Privatization (Panel), October 1996. Advanced UIFSA, November 1995. ? Southwest Regional Support Enforcement Association Conference: Interstate Review and Adjustment (Panel), September, 1994.
  • Other State Conferences and Seminars
  • ? Arizona: Arizona Supreme Court Seminar: Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) Judicial Training Seminar (Co-presenter for full day training), April 1996. Maricopa County Bar Association Seminar: Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA), April 1996. Arizona Family Support Council: -Spring Seminar,” The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA): an Introduction, UIFSA in the Real World (Panel), March 1994. ? Georgia: • Georgia Institute of Continuing Legal Education: -Juvenile Law Seminar (Coordinator/Chair),” April 1993. • Mercer University School of Law: -Family Law Seminar,” Georgia Child Support Enforcement, April 1993. • Georgia Bar Association: -Law Awareness for Youth Workshop,” Legal Update: Laws on Child Support and Abuse, April 1993. • Georgia Juvenile Court Judges: -Fall Seminar,” Child Support Guidelines and Recovery, October 1992. • Georgia Institute of Continuing Legal Education: -Juvenile Law Seminar,” The Role of the Guardian ad Litem: Paternity and Legitimation, 1991. • Georgia Prosecuting Attorney’s Council Conferences: The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) 101, September 1994. UIFSA: an Introduction, August 1993. Introduction to Genetic Testing, March 1993. Case Law Update, July 1992. Evidence Update, Marc

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