Before You Begin

• Please be sure you have taken time to familiarize yourself with the Qualifications and Procedures for applying to become an AAML Fellow.
• Review the AAML Bounds of Advocacy.
• Carefully review both documents to ensure you understand the requirements for Fellowship.
• Ensure you are committed to the process/length of time for the application.

Completing the On-line Pre-Application

• Provide the requested Pre-Application information and submit.
• You will also need to check the boxes that you have read and understand the Bounds of Advocacy and statement regarding confidential information.
• After submission, you will contacted by the AAML National office, letting you know your pre-application was successfully received.
• If everything is complete and you qualify, you will be sent a link for the full on-line application for Fellowship.

Completing the Full On-line Application

• Upon receiving the on-line link for the full application, you will be able to begin the process of providing all the information requested for all sections.
• As the application is lengthy and requires a number of attachments, you will have the option to save your data before completion and return to complete the application at another time. Once you begin the process, you will have up to 90 days to complete and submit  at your application.
• When your application is fully complete, including the uploading of all required documents, you may click the Submit button, which will forward your application to the AAML National office.

• After submission, you will contacted by the National office, letting you know your application was successfully received.  If anything additional is needed you will be contacted.

Submitting the Application Fee

• Your submitted application is reviewed for completeness.
• Upon verification that all required information has been received, you will be sent an email with an on-line invoice link for submission of the required application fee of $250.
• Once the application fee is received, processing of the application will begin.

AAML National Exam

• All applicants are required to take the AAML National Exam, except applicants from Arizona, California, North Carolina and Texas.  Applicants from those states will be required to provide proof of certification as part of their application.
• The National Office will be contacting you by email to help you schedule to sit for the AAML National Exam. It is offered three times a year on the first Saturday of February, June and October.
• Some AAML State Chapters require a Chapter Exam. If your Chapter requires this exam, you will be notified by the National office.
• You will provided with a guide to the recommended study materials for the National Exam.

Chapter and National Board of Examiners (BOE)

• Once all your references (peer, judge and Chapter Fellow) are returned to the National office, they will be processed, and the full package sent to the Chapter BOE for their review and recommendation.
• Once the Chapter has completed its review and submitted its recommendation to the National office, the National BOE conducts a final review and renders its final decision.

Final Notification Regarding Fellowship

• Notification regarding the final determination of your application for Fellowship will come from the National Office.

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